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Starting a business is hard

There are a million things to do. It’s hard to figure out where to start. That’s why I created The Fierce Entrepreneur. A place for women that are just starting out in business to get inspired, empowered, and learn the tips and tricks to run a successful business.


Learn how to turn your dream business into a reality.

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Get inspired by the stories of people just like you who built successful businesses.

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Take action with tools of the trade to help you plan and run your business.

Meet entrepreneurs just like you

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How Can Your Business Better Manage Freelancers?

How Can Your Business Better Manage Freelancers?

What was once upon a time considered a fad is now becoming the predominant driving force of the modern economy. Known as freelance work, independent work, or “the gig” economy, the system of nine-to-five is rapidly being replaced by this flexible model, and existing...

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