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This episode is all about the customer and is full of so much important information that’s going to be very valuable to you and your business.

Listen in as I interview Tema Frank, author of People Shock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule.

Tema is an author, consultant, speaker and teacher on the customer experience in the digital era.

Show Notes

Most businesses want happy customers, but overall customer experience ratings are dropping. Why?

The Amazon effect. The bar for customer experience is set very high and that’s what customers expect from all companies.

What can businesses do to improve customer experience?

Promise, People, Process

What should we do if people say negative things about us on social media?

Already be pro-active so your fans can come to your defense. But if you aren’t on a specific social network and find out there is negativity being said about your company, get on that network ASAP and speak to the customer. Try to have them take the conversation offline.

How can we win back customers who’ve left us because our service wasn’t great?

Contact them, admit your mistakes and let them know you are implementing changes. Ask them for feedback and ask them for another chance.

How do I convince the people I work with that we have to change things to serve customers better?

Understand what’s important to them, how can you help them so they can help you?

How can I inspire staff with a mission when the work we do isn’t earth-shattering? Making graphics isn’t going to solve world hunger!

You’re helping people accomplish goals, so you are changing the world.

What is “design thinking” and how could it help our business?

Start designing your business based on market research. Talk to people and come up with a solution on how your service or product will solve that problem.

We ask our customers to fill out surveys but they almost never do. How can we get more customer feedback?

By reaching out personally via phone call or personal email instead of sending a mass email or posting on social media.

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