How many emails did you get today? This week? This month? Even in the last year? You probably have no idea—and that’s probably because it can feel overwhelming. And you’re not alone:

About one-third of your time at work is spent dealing with your inbox—and so much of what you receive there isn’t even relevant or useful.

There’s a better way. For starters, you must set a day, a time, a moment when your email inbox gets under control—get rid of the muck and the stuff that doesn’t matter, file what does, and respond as best you can to requests. In fact, an email inbox that has about 20 messages is ideal for productivity and efficiency.

Once you get to that point, you also have to start to think about your own email habits. Do you have to send every message that you compose? Can you make a call—or even ask a question in person? Learn more about better email habits in this graphic.

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