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Reed Evans is the owner of Scale it Up! Sustainability Training for Women Entrepreneurs – sustainability allows entrepreneurs to address environmental and societal challenges while building their business.

Outside of her organization, she loves staying active by biking, hiking, swimming, doing yoga and pilates.

Reed knew she needed to create this training when she asked a speaker at a big women’s entrepreneurship conference if they advocate training for women entrepreneurs to learn about integrating sustainability into their business. The speaker was speechless. It was then that Reed realized the speaker didn’t have an understanding of what Reed was talking about.

Today, Scale it Up! focuses on popularizing and offering business training to women entrepreneurs to help them succeed for the long-term in markets that increasingly value sustainability.

In today’s podcast episode, Reed talks about how you can integrate sustainability into your business. She educates us on what a sustainable business is and discusses the challenges of convincing people why it’s important in business.

“Make sure that you are totally passionate behind what you want to do, and that you’re willing to commit to making it happen.” - Reed Evans Click To Tweet

In This Episode of The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • Reed educates us on what sustainability in business is.
  • She shares how a conference speaker’s lack of knowledge on integrating sustainability into business, inspired her to start teaching others how to incorporate it into their business.
  • We discuss Reed’s greatest entrepreneurial challenge – convincing people that this is important.
  • She also shares about why she’d like to have lunch with Richard Branson.
  • She teaches you simple ways you can add sustainability to your business.
  • Reed also shares an awesome tip for transcribing interviews with Google Docs.

Reed’s Favorite Online App:

  • Google Docs

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