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Chi Odogwu quit a management consulting job in NYC to launch an e-commerce startup in Africa, which later failed.

He realized his business failed because of his lack of marketing knowledge, so he decided to learn marketing. Eventually, he re-assessed his position and started using his skills to help local businesses take advantage of underutilized digital marketing channels.

Along the way, he’s helped several entrepreneurs as a coach and consultant and built a small celebrity following in his region.

In this podcast episode, Chi shares the #1 mistake people make in their business marketing. We discuss why marketing is like dating – sometimes you have to get rejected. We also talk about the marketing essentials you need to get your business going.

All the processes that make you look legit aren’t necessarily what'll help you make cash in your business. Click To Tweet

In This Episode of The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • Chi shares the #1 mistake people make in their business marketing.
  • We talk about why it’s so important to understand your audience and speak to them in the right voice.
  • We also discuss why you need to get your audience interested in what you have to say first before you try to sell them something.
  • Chi talks about his greatest challenge as an entrepreneur – staying focused.
  • We talk about how all the processes that make you look legit aren’t necessarily what will help you make cash in your business.
  • We also discuss having a big fancy website vs. having a grungy site.
  • And Chi shares the story of having to leave over 400 books behind when he moved, so he switched over to reading on a Kindle.

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