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#089 – How Cutting Cable Inspired Victoria Coker to Start a Business

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Interviews, Podcast | 0 comments

My guest today, Victoria Coker, is a Jane of all trades.

She considers herself an artist and creative. Her first love is music, she’s into graphic design, and her day job is in marketing.

Although Victoria always wanted to be an entrepreneur, she didn’t classify herself as one until she started working for a tech company. It was then that she knew she wanted to make something great, and start her own tech company.

In 2014 Victoria cut off her cable and realized there weren’t a lot of places to find content for people of color. After doing some research, she realized she could create a place where others could find content from people of color. That’s when Colored Content was born. Colored Content is a platform for black web series.

In this podcast episode, Victoria and I discuss how she started her own media company featuring content for and by people of color. She also shares how her greatest business challenge is raising awareness as to how cool web series can be. We also talk about how she wants to build a business where she leads with her heart.

In This Episode of The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • We discuss how getting rid of cable led Victoria to start her own business.
  • We talk about how she started with her own web series, Stylist Wars, but stopped when she realized people were expecting a certain level of quality that she couldn’t deliver due to cost.
  • Victoria turns the tables and interviews me about my startup which has significantly pivoted since the time we recorded this interview.
  • We discuss her greatest entrepreneurial challenge.
  • Victoria mentions her favorite business influencer, Gary Vee, and we talk about how we love him for his authenticity.
  • She gives advice to people interested in starting their own business… Just start something!
  • We also talk about how one of Victoria’s goals is to build an empire and have someone create a Wikipedia page for her so she can become “Googleable.”

Victoria’s Favorite Online Resources:

  • Google
  • Gmail

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