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Melanie Ramiro is a self-proclaimed artist, photographer, circus freak, fantasy geek, eternal optimist and romantic.

In school, she was in the world of pageantry where she learned how to speak in front of people and interview skills.

Melanie was the first person in her family that went to college, and she set the bar very high by graduating from Stanford.

After college, she saw a Cirque du Soleil show, which inspired her to become an acrobat. After being an acrobat for ten years and working in the entertainment industry, Melanie decided to start her own business. She coaches speakers, thought leaders, and authors on how to scale their businesses.

In today’s podcast episode, Melanie shares experiences from her acrobat career on how to go from beginner to professional. She also shares how putting your whole heart into something and going all in can grab the attention of the right people. We also discuss the importance of connecting with your audience.

“Your heart has to be in it first; then you learn how to become a professional at what you do.” - Melanie Ramiro Click To Tweet

In This Episode of The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • Melanie shares her journey from amateur acrobat, to professional and discusses how you can relate that to your business.
  • We discuss how loving what you do and putting everything into it can grab the attention of the right people.
  • She talks about struggling with letting go and delegating some tasks in her business.
  • Melanie shares the two things every entrepreneur should do themselves.
  • She explains why speakers are the same as rock stars.
  • We talk about having a heart for what you do first and then learning to become a professional at it.
  • Melanie discusses why knowing what your audience needs and giving it to them needs to come at the very foundation of your business.
  • We also discuss the pressure on women leaders to fit a certain mold.

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