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Nagina Abdullah didn’t have a lemonade stand as a kid. Entrepreneurship wasn’t on the horizon for her at all. Things changed when Nagina had kids, lost 40 lbs and started blogging about it. Suddenly people wanted to know how she did it, and Nagina quickly began to see that she had a business on her hands.

This was the beginning of Nagina’s business, Nagina helps busy, and ambitious women lose weight using fat burning spices and structure.

In today’s podcast episode, Nagina and I discuss how she’s had to embrace failure as part of entrepreneurship. We also talk about the importance of giving your audience what they want, not what you think they want, as well as how patience pays off in business.

In This Episode of The Fierce Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • We discuss how Nagina started her blog and turned it into a fitness coaching business.
  • Nagina shares her story of how she didn’t have entrepreneurship on the horizon from a young age. She just fell into it later on in life.
  • We talk about how failure helped Nagina generate $20k when she launched group coaching.
  • We discuss the importance of listening to the market instead of doing what you think the market wants.
  • Nagina shares some great advice: why you should look at things as a long-term game and focus on one thing at a time.
  • She also shares tips on spices to add to your foods for weight loss and to curb your sugar craving.

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